All You Need To Know About Dental Health in Pets

It’s very crucial to pay attention to your pet’s dental health. Any kind of bad breath from the pet’s mouth shouldn’t be ignored as it may potentially damage your pet’s teeth or gums. According to a survey, many pets have dental diseases by the time they turn 3. Thus, to spread awareness about the importance of oral hygiene, February is celebrated as National Pet Dental Month. So, below is everything you need to know about pet dental health and how to maintain oral hygiene in pets.

Dental Disease in Pets

The dental disease mainly affects the teeth and gums of the pet. It begins with the accumulation of food and bacteria and then it forms plaque around the gums. Moreover, if the plaque is not removed, it will turn into tartar over time. The reason why it’s dangerous to health is that tartar not only forms above the gumline but it also goes below the gumline. This gives rise to many dental health issues such as gingivitis and other periodontal diseases.

If these infections are not treated on time, they can further damage your pet’s teeth and could also lead to health issues. Below are the signs of dental disease in pets –

  • Loose teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Blood from the mouth
  • Not able to eat properly
  • Constant drooling
  • Broken teeth
  • Oral pain and discomfort

Upon noticing any of the above signs, immediately pay a visit to the dental vet so he can do a proper checkup on the pet’s teeth.

Reasons Why Pet Dental Health Care Is Important

Below are the reasons why as a pet parent, you need to pay extra care to your furry pal’s teeth.

  • No bad breath – You wouldn’t want any bad odor coming from your pet’s mouth and neither would your pet. You don’t wanna go near your pet and come across unbearable bad breath. And regular cleaning of the pet’s teeth can prevent such an issue.
  • Protecting the tooth – The main reason for a loose or broken tooth is an infection in the gums. When proper oral care has been taken, your pet won’t have to face such issues.
  • Oral pain – The pet is bound to suffer from severe oral pain when his gums are damaged. It can be extremely discomforting for the pet and can further affect his health.
  • Stop the infection from spreading – If there’s any dental infection present, starting regular cleaning of the teeth can help prevent it from spreading.

Caring for the Pet’s Oral Health

Now that you know why dental care is so important, take a look at how you can take care of your pet’s oral health.

  • This goes without saying, but make sure you brush your pet’s teeth on a regular basis. This will help get rid of all the food bits that have accumulated around the teeth.
  • Routine dental checkups are also a must! There are some things that only a dental vet knows, so it’s vital to arrange routine dental checkups for your pet. This can help rule out any dental health issues.
  • Use toothbrush and toothpaste that is specially developed for dogs such as Pet Dent Toothbrush and Pet Dent Toothpaste.
  • Nowadays, chew treats are available especially for strengthening the gums. These chews give the pet’s mouth a much-needed movement and clean off any kind of bacteria.

It is crucial to follow these steps if you want your furry companion to stay healthy and have shiny white teeth!