Most Common Health Problems That Bother Dogs

Dogs make our lives worth living. But, these poor little furry kids often face common health issues that make them weak and deteriorate the quality of their life if these health troubles persist for long or occur more often. It is hence necessary to have knowledge of what dogs suffer from in their regular life and how to cure them with correct treatments. Luckily, the common health issues in dogs can be easily treated, However, it still imperative to have awareness regarding them.

5 Common Health Issues That Dogs Face

Skin Allergies

Skin allergies manifest itself in the form of flaky skin, rashes and hot spots that often lead to itching and scratching in dogs. These rashes are quite itchy which often causes pets to chew their fur. This behavior, in turn, leads to bald patches and gives a horrible appearance to the affected pet. The most common reasons behind these allergies are most commonly either due to some ingredients in the food or pollens in the environment. Apart from that, Flea infestation also causes this level of itching if the pet is allergic to the flea saliva which they transmit while taking the blood meal. There are multiple ways to deal with food and environment allergies. Flea allergies, on the other hand, can only be treated with flea preventing topical solutions or pills.

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Ear Infections

The second most common disease in pets is ear infections which affect almost 80% of dogs. Basset hounds and Cocker spaniels are more prone to ear infections due to their large, floppy ears that obstruct airflow and removal of wax through normal activities. Besides, the shape of the ear canal also contributes to the deposition of bacteria and fungus in dogs. Additionally, parasites like ear mites also cause uneasiness and diseases like otodectic mange. To prevent the recurrence of such infections it is hence necessary to keep your pet’s ear clean and use treatments for ear mites.

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Vomiting, Diarrhea and Dehydration

Vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration are not a disease in itself but are symptoms of most of the health issues. It is extremely necessary to get the dog checked if the vomiting or diarrhea persists for more than a day. Diarrhea also leads to dehydration in pets and thus pet parents must make sure that their furry kid gets enough water when he is dehydrated. It is better to consult the vet if the condition does seem to improve. However, in case the pet has just vomited, we would rather ask you to refrain from giving water for some time. You can resume the water supply in small quantities once he feels better and gets a little active.

Oral Diseases

Oral health is often overlooked in dogs which causes issues like bad breath, plaque and tartar deposition on the gum lines. Dental diseases occur in pets when the teeth are not regularly cleaned and mouth is not properly rinsed. If the problem already exists in the dog, you should consult the vet. However, when the problem is in its initial stage, proper cleaning and the use of good oral rinsing products can solve the issue. Make sure you don’t ignore the condition. Because as the problem progresses, it leads to gingivitis. In more severe conditions, a pet may contract heart disease or suffer from kidney failure.

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Another very prevalent issue is toxicity in pets due to the ingestion of dangerous things. The only way to avoid this issue is to keep vigilance on your dog. Do not let him eat human food as it may contain ingredients that are toxic to pets and may lead to poisoning. Toxicity can elevate to a dangerous level where a pet may gasp for breath. And he can even suffer from cardiac arrest. Hence, in the case of the ingestion of a toxic substance, one must immediately take the pet to the vet hospital. Only then, he can get professional attention and follow up treatment.

Our pets are completely dependent on us for their care. Being a pet parent, we must not let them down and should take all the mandatory precautions in advance. So, they don’t have to suffer unnecessarily due to the lack of their parent’s awareness.