The Cheater’s Guide To Administering Flea Treatments On Your Pet

Fleas are one of the most common problems in dogs irrespective of their breed. The frisky fleas are so much obsessed with your dog that it can appear and re-appear every time you eliminate or prevent them. Generally, it can be easy to handle the tantrums that your dog might throw up sometimes, but it becomes the most daunting task of administering flea treatments to the fussy pet. Even the friendliest pet can turn into a monster when they hear the crinkle of the pill packet. But, it’s you who need to ensure that you administer pills which are essential for their health. So, here are some helpful tips for administering flea treatment to your pets.

Pill PocketsPill-Pockets

Pill pockets are the best option to easily administer pills to your pooch. Hiding pills every time in your dog’s favorite treat may disturb his daily diet. But, making pocket pills from tasty ingredients will surely make you hit the bull’s eye. Well! There are varieties if pocket pills available in the market but they may not be affordable for daily use. Therefore, you can make palatable pill pockets by peanut butter, milk and flour or you can also prepare chicken-flavored pill pockets to make the task of administering pills way easier.

Pill Devicepill devices

The task of administering pills becomes tougher with finicky or hard to pill pets. Using a pill shooter is another alternative to simplify the pill administration in pets. Pill shooter is a small syringe-like device that shoots pill into the pet’s mouth. This handy device shoots pills directly in your dog’s mouth allowing administering their pill quickly and without stress. Moreover, even pill treatments can be given with an oral syringe. All you need to do is take the pills, crush it in the pill crusher, place the powder in the syringe and add water. Shake the syringe to suspend the water and give it to your pet.

The Flavored Treatments

Flavored flea Treatments

There are many pills that come in the flavored form. The perk of these pills is that your pet may accept it as treat on their own. The flavored tablets both smell and taste like foods that pet love; they willingly ingest it and beg for more. It is easy to administer flavored tablets to pets as you no longer need to force-feed them or use any other messy ways to pill a pet. You can provide your dog with unique bacon, chicken or beef-flavored flea pills to make him gobble them without any stress.

Pick a Time When Your Dog is DistractedTime When Your Dog is Distracted

This trick doesn’t involve any pill device to help you administer tablets to your pet. But, it is a helpful trick that pet parents can implement to feed pills. When you know all about your pet, you can surely figure out when he is in a good mood or happy which can be a great advantage for you. This can be the best time to feed a pill to your pet because they are distracted. You can administer the pill to your pet during a leash walk or when he’s sniffing around exploring the world.

Try Not To Make a Big Deal About Itdeal of administering flea treatments

Pets can sense how you feel and behave. They can easily know when you are in stress and if they sense that you are anxious while giving the pills, they will pick up on this. So, it is recommended to pet parents to stay low-key and take the pill giving task on a lighter mode. Moreover, just be good to them and when they finally ingest the pill ensure to reward them with lots of cuddles, patting or a hug.

Good luck with administering flea treatments to your pet with these amazing tips!