Ear Infections In Dogs: Root Causes And Cure

Ears are one of the vital organs in the body of any living organism. Preventing them from getting infected is a necessity. But sometimes, the ears are contaminated and hence we have to find a cure for it. To aid it, we need to know the cause of the infection first.

Dogs show various symptoms when their ears are infected like bad odor, soreness and redness in the ear, continuous scratching of the ear, discharge from the ears and even pain in the ears. The intensity of the pain reflects the severity of the situation the dog is suffering from. The vet then performs certain tests to find the root cause of the infection.

Some of the common reasons for ear infections in dogs are as follows:

Root Causes Of Ear Infections In Dogs

1. Allergies in Dogs

Dogs can be allergic to certain food items or environmental factors like certain plants or dusty atmosphere. These allergies indicate the development of bacteria or yeast inside the ear leading to itching of the ears. Sometimes the bacteria or yeast may even multiply inside the ear, causing pain and soreness.

2. Ear mites in Dogs

These are the major cause of the ear infections in dogs. They are contagious and can be passed from one infected dog to another. Ear mites have the ability to infect the inner canal of the dogs which may lead to inflammation and should be treated in time. The most common sign to recognize ear mites is dark colored deposition on the ear surface of the dogs.

3. Anatomy of Dog

All the dogs are of different breed, shape, size and so are their ears. Some dogs have very large ears and deep ear canals which provides warm and moist environment, exposing the ears to bacterial development and hence causing irritation to the dogs.

Regular Ear Cleaning can Prevent These kinds of infections, So Let’s Gain further knowledge on: How To Acquire Mastery In Ear Cleaning Of Dogs?

4. Other Factors

There are several other factors which may constitute the infections like any traumatic incidents that may have caused harm to the dogs ears or effect of foreign bodies on the ears. It might also depend on the type of breed or hereditary ear problems.

Every cause has a cure as all the above mentioned points do. For that, proper diagnosis should be done by the vet first. Lets now have a look on how the dog’s ear can be treated.

ear infection in dogs and how to cure it

Cure Of Ear Infections In Dogs

1. Nursing the infection

Once the infection has been detected, it needs to be aided. Using ear drops like CleanEar removes earwax, bacteria, dirt and odor allowing the antibiotics to penetrate inside the ear.

Otosol ear drops are highly effective and powerful antiseptic cleaning agent. It disinfects the ear  and helps maintaining it.

2. Medicating and preventing the cause

If there is a possibility of the ear being infected again, then proper care should be taken to help prevent it. Ear drops such as Oticlear or Epi-Otic can be used as a cleansing agent which helps in preventing any bacterial or fungal formation and also cleans excess dirt or earwax.

The efficacious Malacetic Otic ear cleaner is a strong acetic and boric acid solution that provides both anti-bacterial and anti-yeast treatment for dogs ears.

Dogs that swim, bath and groom on a regular basis can develop infections from time to time so, routine cleaning and proper care of ears can help prevent moisture from developing in the ears.

Any medication provided to the dog should be under the supervision of a vet. Proper diagnosis will provide appropriate results to help the dog from any future repercussions.