5 Ways Of Identifying, Preventing And Treating Heartworms In Cats

Heartworms in cats is not the same as you must have read about dogs. Since both the species are different so the threat rate from these worms too. It is a fatal disease in felines that affects heart and lungs caused by a parasite that is transmitted by mosquitoes. Age isn’t counted as factor when it comes to heartworms in cats. A kitten, 1 year old and an old cat of 17 years of age, have the same risks of getting affected by parasites.

Cats with adult heartworms have just 1-3 worms. It is quite difficult to diagnose a heartworm disease in cats as many times cats just have immature heartworms inside them. To save your cat and prevent such sickening disease take proper preventive measures like:

Preventing And Treating Heartworms In Cats

1. Medication for prevention

Treatment like Milbemax Allwormer is an effective tablet that assists in preventing heartworms from kittens and adult cats. It is a monthly treatment which comes in beef flavored loved by all the feline friends.

2. Prevent mosquitoes from breeding in or near your house

Mosquitoes are the intermediary link that carry the infection from one host to another and spreads it. Try to keep your surroundings and pets mosquito-free. Use repellents that scare away these insects and don’t let them in the house. Keep the sewers clean so the mosquitoes cannot breed in that area.

heartworm disease in cats

3. Provide Prevention for indoor Cats

Outdoor cats, for obvious reasons, are at a higher risk of getting infected. But, this doesn’t mean staying indoor is absolutely safe for cats. Mosquitoes are tiny pests which can find their way inside the house. Preventing mosquitoes from attacking your cat at home you can place screens on windows and door to keep them from getting in.

4. Recognizing the proper symptoms

Many a times, vet is unable to identify the prevailing disease which is causing trouble to your feline. This is a very common reason that heartworms go undetected in cats and at later stages they have to suffer a lot. One of the symptoms of heartworm disease in cats is respiratory problems that might be reflected in the form of coughing or difficulty in breathing.

The second symptom that might point towards this disease is digestive problem which will be depicted by diarrhea and vomiting or lethargy, lack of appetite. Your cat might also have anemia or other blood related problems which might indicate towards the presence of heartworms.

5. Treatment for Cat

Take your cat to a vet for the check-up,even in the cases when there are no signs of presence of any disease. When all the tests and diagnosis have been performed, treat the infection. Unfortunately, there is no drug therapy for heartworm infection. Cats who are detected with heartworm disease can be guided by the vet to follow the proper treatment.

It’s important to give your cat monthly heartworm preventives like Revolution for Cats, which are available in both spot-on and oral form. Preventatives keep new infections from developing if an infected mosquito bites your cat again. So, better be safe than sorry! Give your cat all the love and warmth and a happy and healthy life.