Revolution Vs Advantage – Flea Prevention for Cats

Flea prevention is as important in cats as it is in dogs because cats too roam outside a lot and thus have higher chances of contracting fleas. Though cat parents try every possible way to free their cats of these parasites, with a huge range of flea and tick products in the market it becomes a herculean task to choose the right product that will suit your pet’s needs. To make this task easy for you, here is a comparison between two renowned flea products for cats – Revolution and Advantage.


Revolution is a broad spectrum treatment used to eliminate external as well as internal parasites. Its monthly application kills adult fleas before they even lay eggs thereby disrupting the complete flea lifecycle and halting the process of infestation. Besides, it’s a topical solution which makes it easier for pet parents to administer their cats. Benefits of this treatment, however, don’t just limit to flea protection, the spot-on is in fact highly efficient in removing ear mites, roundworms, hookworms and also prevents heartworm infection by killing microfilaria in the pet’s system. Made with an advanced waterproof formula, this product doesn’t wash off easily from the cat’s fur which eliminates the chances of decreased efficacy.


This spot-on formula is quick acting and stops the fleas from biting the cat within 5 minutes. Its potent solution prevents flea allergy dermatitis in cats and controls re-infestation. Other than that, Advantage is a waterproof formula so even if you like to take your pet to swim, you won’t have to worry about the product getting washed off.

Similarities and Differences: Revolution vs Advantage


Both of these products are highly efficient in treating fleas but when it comes to picking either of these, it is best to first analyze your cat’s requirements. If the cat is only infested with fleas or you live in a heavy flea infested region and doesn’t require others treatments like for mites or worms, Advantage would be the best option. However, if you are seeking a drug that broader spectrum i.e. a product that can treat fleas, mites as well as worms, Revolution would be an ideal choice for such a parent. Since the products are safe for kittens as well as adult cats, you don’t really need to bother much about the side-effects of these two products, but it is up to your discretion to make a choice which suits your furkid the most. So, figure out what exactly you want to treat your kitty for and then zero in on the product. It is the best way to resolve confusion regarding products to use for treatments.