Drontal or Popantel or Droncit – Which one is the Best Dewormer?

In today’s Pet health care scenario pet parents around the world are striving for the treatments that secure their pet from many intestinal worm infestations. Almost all types of pets are prone to suffer from these parasitic infestations and cats are no exception to this.

Worms like tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms and whipworms can trouble your cat and cause some severe symptoms like coughing, diarrhea, blood in feces and weight loss in the later stages of infestations.

Therefore, as a solution to your worries many brands have come up with products that treat several worm infestations efficiently.

Droncit, Drontal and Popantel are 3 such products that treat worm infestations in cats and don’t give you a chance to complain. These products are popular, have great efficacy and are safe to use. You might be curious about the characteristics of these products, right? Your curiosity won’t stay for long because the table given below will not only suffice your curiosity with answers but also will help you to choose the appropriate product for your kitty.

Compare Droncit to Drontal to Popantel Chart


From the above comparison, it is very much clear that Droncit is a tapewormer and the other two are all-wormers. Which one to choose? It is totally your call. You just have to buy that product which suits your cat’s requirements and is appropriate for your cat’s health. For example: if your cat needs to get rid of tapeworms only then, droncit is the best product for you but if you need an all-wormer then you can go either with Drontal or Popantel. You can find these products on Budgetvetcare.com at a price which will surprise you.

Cats have a moody nature and can be mean sometimes depending on their mood but if you don’t want them to be mean to you make sure their mood is not spoiled by some tiny parasite.