“Select The Appropriate For Your Pet”- Flea Treatment

These days you are not getting that warm welcome by your pet (Dog or Cat) that you used to receive every day when you come home after a long stressful day. The scenario has changed a little. Now whenever you are coming home, you see your dog/cat is scratching its skin. Are you worried? Maybe yes because your pet has got the parasitic infestation. Ensure that the infestation don’t elevate. You need to give a proper treatment to your pet.

How Does A Pet Get Flea Infestation?

Your pet gets fleas from other animals or from the area full of dirt and decayed wood or grass.

What To Do?

•    If you have a backyard at your place you need to keep them flea free by removing those decayed grass and wood.
•    Keep the yard dust free.
•    Avoid your dog coming in contact with flea-infested area.

3 Best Treatments For Dogs

Is your beloved dog fed up of scratching the ears and armpits and other parts of its body? Don’t worry below are some best treatments for your dog to protect against flea infestation:

1.    Flea spray
2.    Flea shampoo
3.    Monthly topical treatment

1)    Flea Spray: To get the best result, buy a spray containing adulticide and insect growth regulator. It will not only eradicate the flea but also helps to remove the flea eggs. Flea spray is an easy to administer and an effective way to kill the flea. Ensure that the spray does not come in contact with your dog’s eyes. Wear gloves and wash your hand after the treatment.


2)    Flea And Tick Shampoo: Flea shampoo also works well against flea. Wash your dog with the flea and tick shampoo to remove the fleas. Read the directions mentioned in the product.

Flea Shampoo


3)      Monthly Topical Solution: Widely know solution and the most effective solution of all. A single treatment can protect your dog from flea infestation for almost a month. This treatment is done on the skin of the dog not on the fur. You have to part the fur of your dog to apply this treatment on their skin at certain or different spots depending on the product that you are using.

Many other treatments are also there like flea powder, flea collar and other natural ways but these three treatments are widely in use and highly effective compared to all.

3 Best Flea Treatments for Cat

Same thing happens in cats like a dog when they get flea infestation. They start scratching the different parts of their body. The harsh scratching can also harm their skin.

Below are the best treatments to get rid of flea infestation:

1.    Flea Comb
2.    Spot on treatment
3.    Oral treatment

1)    Flea Comb: A Flea comb is used to detect the flea infestation at an early stage. Flea comb is use more often to prevent flea infestation. Detecting flea infestation at an early stage can help you to take the steps to remove those fleas.

2)    Spot on Treatment: Under this treatment, you have to apply the flea control product onto the skin of the cat. Make sure not to use a dog product on a cat. It can create a serious harm to your cat. There are many products frontline plus,  comfortis and more on the market for cats and dogs having the similar name. Use only those products that are meant for cats. Check the ingredients. Read the direction mentioned in the product. Use it accordingly to get the best result.

3)    Oral Treatment: Oral treatment is a potent and the most effective treatment against flea. Oral treatment includes liquid or a tablet. Both are effective but before implementing the treatment, consult your vet first. He or she will recommend the suitable product for your cat.

These are some of the best treatments that can protect your pet from those bloodsuckers. You cannot let go of that every day’s welcome gesture of your pet when you step into your house at any cost.