10 Safety Tips You Must Read before Using Flea and Tick products

We know how much your furry pal enjoys going outdoors, but we also know that they can easily pick up fleas and ticks from the environment. Pets love to investigate open spaces where other animals carrying fleas and ticks are also present, and are likely to get infected during your daily stroll or even from your backyard.

Both fleas and ticks, can not only break your bank, but also pose a threat of catching some serious illnesses. For instance, constant scratching due to irritation can lead to permanent hair loss in pets or, in worst cases, fleas and ticks feasting on your pet’s blood can cause death due to anemia. Thankfully, hundreds of preventive products are available in the market in form of repellents, pesticides, topical spot-ons, shampoos, collars, etc. to protect your pets from these blood suckers. Some of these products can be acquired from a veterinarian, and some can be bought over the counter. But, these products, if not used safely, can invite many new problems while resolving one.

10 important points that you must keep in mind while using flea and tick products: