#Vets Talk: Flea and Tick Treatments and Expiration Dates

The world is changing, and keeping that thought in mind, we at BudgetVetCare, thought of doing something different. This blog is unlike any other blog, so fasten your seatbelts, grab a hot cuppa, and read what we have for you, pet parents. Our BudgetVetCare rep sat down and got together with a well-reputed veterinarian and churned out valuable information about a very important topic called ‘Flea and Tick Treatments and Expiration Dates’! So here’s how it all panned out.


TOPIC: Flea and Tick Treatments and Expiration Dates

The conversation began with the basic introductions and all, but we’re skipping that portion and getting straight into the important part of the interview.

Q 1: Do flea and tick treatments have expiration dates?

Of course, they do (chuckles)! Everything has an expiry date, and that’s a fact. Nothing can stay forever and ever, including the lives of us humans. So yes, flea and tick treatments have expiry dates.

Q 2: How do Manufacturers decide these expiry dates for products?

Shouldn’t you be asking this question to the manufacturers directly because I’m just a vet! (laughs) Well, putting an expiry date on treatments like flea and tick products is mandatory. This doesn’t mean that manufacturers put random dates on their products. In fact, a lot of things take place before the dates go on the boxes. These dates are decided after performing several stability tests. The ingredients, efficacy, climatic conditions, etc are all taken into consideration before determining the apt expiry date.

Q 3: Is it unsafe to give/use expired flea and tick treatments to/on our pets?

Of course, it is! And I’m pretty sure every other veterinarian would say the same thing. Look, expired products mean their efficacy no longer exists, right? So giving such products on your pet will do no good. It won’t help in treating whatever you plan on treating, and it will definitely not help the pet’s overall health. I say this because most treatments are made of chemicals and chemicals can be hazardous, especially if they’re expired. So my suggestion would be to not give expired treatments to your pet. Go buy a new pack or product!

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Q 4: What will happen if an expired flea and tick treatment is given to the pet?

Generally, nothing will happen. But yes, it can affect and deteriorate your pet’s health. What I would suggest is, check the product label carefully before you use the product. And in case you have mistakenly fed or used an expired product, rush to your nearest vet as soon as you can.

And that’s a wrap! It’s safe to say, the information we received will be priceless to many pet parents out there. Also, we hope the above information will help you be more alert when it comes to pet care. Make sure you read the product label thoroughly before using it on your pet. Stay alert and safe at all times, and keep your furry pal safe too.

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