Responsible Dog Ownership Month: How to Be a Responsible Pet Parent?

September is here and so is Responsible Dog Ownership Month. It was started to raise awareness among dog parents so that they become more responsible pet parents. Moreover, it will help their canine friends to lead a healthy and happy life. To celebrate and become a more responsible dog owner, here are some valuable tips that you will need to keep in mind.

How to Be a Good Dog Owner?

This Responsible Dog Ownership Month ensure you follow these tips and make this month a special one for your furry canine!

1. Follow Your Commitment

Follow Your Commitment

When you adopt a dog, of course, you’ve made a commitment to take care of him, no matter what. You’re supposed to give him the best care possible and see to it that he is safe at all times. That’s what responsibility is, and what needs to be followed.

2. Meals on Time

Meals on Time

Dogs are great readers of the time, and when it’s their food time, they get excited. A responsible pet parent will always follow a proper feeding schedule. Make sure you follow one too. Erratic timings aren’t good for the body and may affect the digestive system.

3. Walking Everyday

Walking Everyday

If you don’t take your pet for walks daily, then we suggest you do. Walking helps your pet stay fit, healthy, and in shape. A responsible pet parent would certainly be walking their canine regularly, without fail.

4. Clean Surroundings

Clean Surroundings

A basic thing that every responsible dog owner needs to keep in mind is cleanliness. Keeping your home and especially your pet’s bedding area clean is the best way to keep him out of harm’s way. Dust his beddings and clean all the fur lying around because cleanliness is a major step towards a healthy lifestyle.

5. Frequent Grooming

Frequent Grooming

To maintain a healthy lifestyle for your canine pal, regular grooming is important. And a responsible dog parent would make sure he does that for his ball of fur. Grooming can be done in two ways. Either you call in a professional dog groomer or do it all by yourself.

6. Dog Training

Dog Training

Training your dog is important because a well-trained dog will make life easier and at the same time, help him lead a healthier lifestyle. Dog training has innumerable benefits and prevents tons of diseases, and is something a responsible pet parent would want to implement.

7. Regular Vet Visits

Regular Vet Visits

A smart and responsible pet owner would know for sure that visiting the vet at regular intervals is a great way of detecting any early signs of any disease. This helps makes the healing process easier and a lot less painful for you and your pet. Hence, be smart and take your pet for regular health check-ups starting this Responsible Dog Ownership Month.

8. Don’t Overdo Things

Don’t Overdo Things

Too much of everything is not good, and pet parents know that. There are numerous things we tend to overdo, which in the long run can affect our pet’s health. Things like feeding your pet more food, walking your pet for longer hours than the normal schedule, etc is something that must be avoided.

9. Lend Out a Helping Hand

Lend Out a Helping Hand

Shelter dogs are always in need of some love, and you can show your love by lending out your helping hand. Instead of throwing away your dog’s old clothes, toys, etc, donating it to dog shelter homes is a great way of providing for the less fortunate. Be responsible, be helpful!

10. Be Alert At All Times

Be Alert At All Times

And at last, always be alert. In most households, your dog is off its leash; meaning you have to be extra watchful. Dogs are highly curious pets, and they love sniffing around. Make sure you keep a watch on them and see to it that they do not consume anything they’re not supposed to. It is your responsibility to keep him safe, at all times. That’s what you signed up for, right?

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Responsible Dog Ownership Month is the perfect starting point for dog parents to commence being more responsible for their furry pals. They need you more than ever, so be a responsible pet parent your dog thinks you are. At the end of the day, if you are responsible, your canine friend benefits from it; don’t you think?

So be a responsible pet parent so that your dog can lead a healthier and happier life!