Paralysis Tick Infection In Dogs – Knowledge About Symptoms And Treatments

As you all must be aware of the fact that ticks possess more threat to dogs than fleas. Ticks are carrier for serious diseases and infections. An infected tick’s bite to your pet may create havoc and induce unmanageable pain. The sufferings are very hard to witness and you become paralysed on what to do next or how to handle a situation like this. The answer to this question lies in the depth of knowing what exactly happened to your dog. Amongst many lethal diseases, Tick Paralysis is our major concern.

Living in Australia means encountering bizarre species of insects and animals, huge and small, harmless and yet lethal at the same time. Tick is also a tiny parasite, which can be more specialised into the type of its species depending on the location.

Tick Infestation in Pets

Paralysis ticks are usually found on the eastern part of Australian continent and are a serious threat to the pets residing there. Pets easily become hosts to these pests as they release toxins to which the dogs and cats are vulnerable.

The most common found symptoms of tick paralysis in pets are:

Primary Signs of Tick Paralysis in Pets

  • Vomiting
  • Fast heart rate
  • Low muscle tone
  • Not eating properly
  • Excessive drooling
  • Change in barking tone of the dog
  • Lethargy
  • Difficulty in movement
  • Paralysis

The signs may differ with the severity of the tick’s bite and the spread of toxin in the pet’s body. If you are suspecting any signs of paralysis ticks on your pet immediately rush him to a vet. If you know how to remove a tick, do it patiently and slowly so as not to infect the pet further and spread the poison.

The treatment of the paralysis tick is uncomplicated. As soon as all the ticks are removed from the pet’s body, its effect disappears. If the signs reflect a severe stage, the treatment may be more than just removal of ticks. For a better well-being of the pet, let the vet treat him as required.

Although after a time being when you will be habituated with the fact that your surroundings are full of ticks carrying harmful diseases; precautions will rescue your pet from further re-infestations. Precautionary treatments include:

Treatment Of Tick Paralysis in Dogs

Paralysis Tick Infection In Dogs

Scalibor Collar

The Scalibor Collar is an effective and long-term treatment for paralysis ticks on dogs. It controls these paralysis ticks for up to 14 weeks. It is an affordable and an odourless preventive measure designed for all sizes and breeds of dogs. It is recommended for dogs and puppies of at least 12 weeks of age.

Frontline Plus

Frontline Plus is a topical solution kills all existing fleas and ticks on your dog within 12 hours and chewing lice within 48 hours. Frontline Plus controls various types of ticks, which includes elimination of paralysis ticks as well. It is a waterproof treatment and lasts for a month. It is suitable for dogs and puppies of at least 8 weeks of age.

Nexgard Chewables

Nexgard Chewable is an oral treatment for dogs that controls both fleas and ticks. A single chew rapidly kills fleas and paralysis ticks for 30 days. Nexgard for Dogs also protects the dogs from brown dog ticks and bush ticks. The tasty beef-flavoured chew is safe for puppies of at least 8 weeks of age.


Advantix is a topical flea and tick treatment that effectively works against fleas, paralysis ticks, bush ticks and brown dog ticks. Advantix for Dogs is a monthly application treatment, which is a waterproof solution. Safe to be used on all dogs and puppies of 7 weeks and above.