Nexgard: The Nex-Gen Solution for Your Pets

Nexgard is a number one vet recommended softly chewable that has the ability to destroy fleas and ticks. In addition to that, it also cures dogs of such parasites. A single dose of this chew is enough to eliminate all existing fleas and ticks. It does not only kill these parasites but also protects your canine from them for the entire month. Furthermore, it has a wonderful beef-flavored taste which is, of course, loved by all dogs. In hindsight, Nexgard has the power to fight off various other types of ticks such as paralysis ticks, bush ticks, and brown dog ticks as well as control flea allergy dermatitis. They are safe for all dog breeds, but not safe in pregnant, lactating and breeding dogs. With so many benefits, Nexgard is truly the Nex-Gen solution for all your furry buddies.

Nexgard – How Does It Work?

Nexgard chewable contains an active ingredient called Afoxolaner which disrupts and subsequently kills fleas and ticks, but not before causing them hyperexcitation. Once the chewable is administered or consumed by your dog, the ingredients present in these chewables spread to all parts of the body, killing all parasites in their way. It takes approximately 24 hours to get rid of all existing parasites, and after that, it protects your pal from the same for one full month.

Nexgard – The Side Effects

While giving your furry pal Nexgard chewable, it is essential to know that there can be side effects if you do not use them correctly. These chewables are not to be given to pregnant, lactating, and breeding dogs. They should also not be given to puppies below the age of 8 weeks. Not keeping this in mind can lead to side effects such as:

  • Appetite Loss
  • Diarrhea
  • Itching
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting

Also, bear in mind that some of these side effects can harm your pal even if you follow the directions of use correctly, but cases like that are extremely rare.

Nexgard –Price

Nexgard has so many uses as well as costs very little. A detailed price table for Nexgard chewables is given below:

Nexgard for very small dogs weighing between 4.4 to 8.8lbs

 for very small dogs weighing between 4.4 to 8.8lbs

Nexgard for small dogs weighing between 8.9 to 22lbs

for small dogs weighing between 8.9 to 22lbs

Nexgard for medium dogs weighing between 22.1 to 55lbs

for medium dogs weighing between 22.1 to 55lbs

Nexgard for large dogs weighing between 55.1 to 110lbs

Nexgard for large dogs weighing between 55.1 to 110lbs

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Nexgard – Where to Buy?

You can purchase these soft chewables through an online trusted seller. Online pet care supplies stores like BudgetVetCare provides premium brand pet products at exceptionally low rates.

Nexgard – Customer Reviews

Moreover, our wonderful customers also love this revolutionary chewable, and here are some of their honest opinions about the product.

“Best tick product I have ever used on my pet.” Harper

“A reasonably cheap product that showed great effectiveness in treating parasitic infections in my pal.” Raphael

“This chewable product worked great on my dog. Thanks to BudgetVetCare for such an amazing product.” Skylar

“Nexgard is an exceptional product which is highly effective and kills all the fleas. It has been protecting my dog from fleas and ticks for over six months now.” Jasmine

“These chewables are amazing! They are very palatable and stays efficient for an entire month!” Josh

Nexgard vs. Bravecto

There has been a lot of talk as to which among Nexgard and Bravecto is the better chewable. To know the answer to that, closely go through the table given below:

Nexgard vs Bravecto

Finally, as you can see, both Nexgard and Bravecto have their own special qualities. While Bravecto chews are extremely good, Nexgard chewables are certainly the next-gen solution for your pets and is soon gaining more popularity with every passing day.