National Pet Wellness Month – Top 5 Wellness Tips

National Pet Wellness Month as the names says, it is an educational month for all the pet parents. The month of October is not only a start of festive month but also enforces the importance of the health and well-being of a pet. How to combat harmful diseases, how to protect your beloved furry pals from any danger and how to enjoy the beautiful upcoming holiday months with your pets. Well-being of a pet is not just identified by the treatments and vaccines, it also includes the food management, wellness and care, grooming and so on.


To ensure that your pooch or kitty won’t annoy you when you are having a gala party time,

Few things about their Health and Fitness ,

Exercise: In this beautiful season, when the sky is in its glorious form, do not forget to take your pet for a daily walk and exercise them in accordance with their health. Daily rituals of walking, playing and exercising should be carried out without fail. This is not just for the well-being but also for weight management in pets. If you feel lazy, your pet will too, and hence, obesity days won’t be far. Physical fitness will ensure weight control program while mental stimulation is also a necessity for a pet. Mentally aware pets are more diligent. Puzzle solving games is the best way to inculcate them in mind development exercises.

Grooming: Pet Grooming includes various tasks like regular brushing of their teeth, maintaining their skin and coat health, clipping the hair; clipping their nails and so on, the list goes. Dental care by using the best products to maintain the teeth care and health is essential. Making your dog habitual to all these daily rituals of cleanliness may be tough at the start but they’ll eventually get accustomed to it. Shampooing and bathing your pet in every few days is a necessary requirement to remove the dirt as well as the bad odor. These grooming tasks may take up your few hours of the day but if you can manage to keep yourself clean then why not them.

Supplements and Nutrition: Proper administration of nutritional supplements with a well balanced diet provided to the pets ensures they eat a healthy food and boost up their immunity. Proper balance of vitamins, minerals, carbs, and proteins according to the age of the pet in their diet must be administered properly. If you are not well aware what to feed your pet, consult a vet and take proper guidance.

Health Examinations: Yes, your furry friend seems fit and joyful, but for every disease or infection, symptoms may not be visible at an early stage. Annual health checkups and any signs if notified, vet visit is a must. Never fail to administer and apply any year-round treatment. You own the responsibility to completely protect your pet from any harm or disease that may threaten their health.

Spending Quality Time: Last but not the least, most crucial feature to maintain the pet’s wellness is to spend good amount of time with them. Cuddling, hugging, playing, sleeping with your pet, gives them a sense of satisfaction that they are not alone. Taking proper care of them and loving them dearly makes you their best parent.

Make 1st-31st October of National Pet Wellness Month memorable days
Don’t let the love for your pets fade away
Take good care of them
As they are no less than a gem