How to Improve and Maintain my Cat’s Immunity ?

Every living being on the planet is gifted by an inbuilt system that secures their body from diseases, and that complex system is called the immune system.

Just like you, your cat also has a potent immune system that fights against the intruders like viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. But with time and some bad life habits, the cat’s immune system gets weaker thus making the body more prone to get infected by the nasty bacteria and viruses.

Hence, keeping your cat’s immune system strong is of the utmost importance and the below-given points will help you in improving and maintaining your cat’s immune system.

1. Limit Vaccinations

Vaccines are considered to be an effective weapon against many dangerous diseases but too much of anything is poison. Therefore, avoid vaccines when possible because there is a chance of development of a tumor (fibrosarcomas) at the place of administration. And also, your kitty can get chronic disorders (vaccinosis).

You can sit with your vet and plan out the number of vaccinations and the schedule of titer testing.

2. Quality Flea And Tick Treatments Should Be Used

Using general flea and tick treatment that is easily available in cheap rates in the neighborhood can harm your kitty’s immunity big time.  Because of the cheap low-grade ingredients used by the small companies, those flea and tick treatments are toxic for your cat’s body. Hence, use tried and tested flea control measures to prevent flea infestations suggested by the vets.

3. Feed a Diet That Cats Naturally Eat

Well, you know that cats are strict carnivores then why stress on feeding them a diet that has been processed. Home cooked food or raw food is the best diet to feed your cat. If home-cooked food is not possible then make sure that grain-free canned food is chosen. Avoid giving highly processed food because that can hamper the immunity.

4. Adding Supplements to Increase Immunity

Especially for the older cats providing supplements with the food can be beneficial for the well-being of your cat. Supplements containing yeast-derived nucleotides, salmon oil, or l-arginine should be fed to boost the immunity of your cat. However, before starting any supplement do consult your vet.

5. Minimize Stress

Stress can be a reason behind the diseases you can’t even imagine off. Try and create an environment that relieves yours and your cat’s stress. Remember that your pet will eventually imbibe your mental state to be happy.

6.Control the Exposure to Toxic Chemicals in the Environment

Chemicals provide temporary relief but long term is harmful to your cat’s body and immune system. So, try and use more natural products when it comes to grooming and feeding your cat. Use shampoos that are natural such as Malacetic Shampoo that doesn’t contain harmful soap and chemicals. Similarly, use natural products for your furry companion’s overall health care.

Also, keep your cat away from the polluted environment and away from the places where there is extensive use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

7. Overuse of Steroids and Antibiotics Should Be Stopped 

Excessive injection of steroids and antibiotics in the body to get temporary relief from a disease, especially chronic one, can lead to harmful effects on the body, one of them being a weakened immune system. Consult a vet and ask for a natural replacement or an alternative treatment.

Hope these points above are helpful to you. Please try to follow all the suggestions mentioned above to boost your cat’s immune system. You can also consult your vet in case of any further clarifications.

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