How Heartgard Plus Is An Effective Prevention Against Heartworms?

Heartworm disease is the most devastating ailment that affects dogs. The worm called dirofilaria immitis attaches itself to the arteries, lungs and heart walls causing severe internal damage. In most cases, these adult worms and their immature off springs block the blood flow by coagulating in numbers in the pulmonary arteries and ventricles of the heart. This often leads to heart attack in dogs when left unchecked.

Moreover, as the temperatures soar high, the chances of infection increase. Even the high mosquito season poses increased risk on dogs as these insects are the carriers and transmitters of heartworm disease. Therefore, a heartworm preventive like Heartgard plus must be religiously given to the dog to safeguard him against the disease.

So, what Heartgard plus exactly does?

Heartgard Plus is a prevention program that stops the microfilariae from multiplying and harming the dog’s body internally. It kills these immature heartworms present in the blood stream and thus, prevents them from maturing into the adult worms. Besides this, it also kills and prevents other intestinal parasites like hookworms and roundworms that are commonly found in dogs.

How Heartgard Plus ingredients act inside the dog’s body?

Heartgard plus has two active ingredients – ivermectin and pyrantel. Both of these ingredients work synergistically. They cause hyperactivity in worms by over stimulating their nervous system which ultimately kills these worms. Heartgard plus must be given once a month to prevent your dog of the infestation and must be continued year round for complete safety.

From what age can you give Heartgard Plus to dogs?

Puppies that are 6 weeks old or above can be safely administered Heartgard Plus. You can directly offer it on your hand or simply add it to his meal. However, make sure your Fido doesn’t swallow it. The treatment must be chewed first and then gulped down.

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More Information

Heartgard plus is safe to use in pregnant, nursing and lactating dogs. Apart from that, the treatment has a wide safety margins in almost all dog breeds. The pills are beef flavored and thus make for a scrumptious treat for dogs. However, you must get your dog checked annually for the presence of heartworms as Heartgard plus only kills immature microfilariae. So, if your dog has adult heartworms, he would require immediate treatment. He will have to be cured by injections and not preventives.

You must be thinking – then why should you give preventives. The reason is it will safeguard your dog from infestation if he doesn’t have one and will also reduce the severity of the disease. So, go for it without further delay and keep your pet protected for life.