Getting Up Close With The Effect Of Fleas On Pets

Pet owners are really concerned about fleas causing major upheavals in the lives of pets. These pesky blood sucking parasites are a real nuisance which requires year round protection. They cause symptoms ranging from minor irritation, severe allergic reactions, anemia, scratching and hair loss. It is very difficult to eliminate once they are established in the house. Adult fleas are just 5% of the problem, the rest 95% of the problem is from the flea life cycle that resides on the floorboards, pet bedding and carpets in the house.

Let us now look at some of the problems caused by fleas to pets:

What Are The Effects Of Fleas On Pets?

Scratching & Biting

Fleas are irritating and cause most pets to scratch as they get into their coat.

Hair Loss

It is caused due to scratching and over grooming.

Skin Infections

It can be caused through scratching or self trauma like biting.

Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD)

There are certain pets that are sensitive to flea saliva and might suffer from an allergic reaction when bitten. A single flea bite can cause this problem in pets.


Fleas feed on the blood of the pet. Due to heavy infestation, it can have a major impact on young, elderly or ill pets.


It has been researched and found that flea larvae can become infected with tapeworm eggs. When pets groom themselves, they can ingest infected fleas and become the host of this parasite. If you find fleas on your pet ensure that you get your pet treated for worms.

Preventing Fleas Is Much Easier Compared To Dealing With An Established Infestation

Flea Control Products

The pet’s lifestyle and the home environment play a crucial role in controlling fleas in the household. You might think that keeping your pet indoor would resolve the situation, but that is not the case. Remember, adult fleas are just 5% of the problem the rest takes place in your house. Hence, the most important thing is to use a flea preventive treatment that keeps your pet free from these pesky parasites. There are wide array of Flea Preventative Products available in the market in the following forms:

  • Collars
  • Injections
  • Spot-on liquids
  • Tablets

Certain flea preventative treatments kill flea as soon as they jump on the pet while others after the fleas feed on the pet while others do not kill adult fleas but prevent flea eggs from developing. To select the best flea preventative treatment, consult with your veterinarian who would recommend the best product based on the problem your pet might be facing.

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Other Tips

  • Before administering the treatment, weigh your pet and then select the appropriate pack size.
  • Ensure that the flea preventative treatment that you are getting is suitable for your pet.
  • Never use a flea preventative treatment containing Permethrin on cats as it can be dangerous for their health.
  • You can even get a household flea spray that will aid in preventing flea eggs from developing in the home environment.
  • But ensure that the spray is not used on the pets.

So, how do you plan to combat the risk of these pesky parasites from your pets?