Does Salt Kill Fleas?

Two fleas were coming out of the bar when one asked other ‘Do we take a dog or do we walk home’?

Well! It is a universal fact that fleas are ubiquitous creatures that are ever ready to infect your pet. The flea infestation is incommodious and irksome to the dogs which can also ignite menacing flea-borne disease if left unidentified or untreated. Fleas can haunt your home with their presence almost everywhere in the house such as furniture, rugs, pet bedding and carpets-most vulnerable to infestation. It’s the adult flea that jumps on these surfaces and lays eggs and these eggs hatch as larvae that can create an on-going problem. Keeping your house clean will help to keep the fleas away but there are natural treatments that can be even more effective.

One of these treatments is a substance that we use everyday-salt. Yes! You heard it right. Sprinkling salt in your home can control fleas. Let’s discuss it in detail to understand how exactly salt works as a flea repellent.

How Does Salt Kill Fleas

Salt kills Fleas


DIY Indoor Natural Salt Treatment To Kill Fleas

You can use either finely ground refined salt or sea salt to kill fleas in your house. Here are some DIY steps that will help you to make your house flea-free by using salt.

Step 1

removing fleas from house

Step 2

sprinkling salt

Step 3

deep cleaning the carpet

Step 4

leaving salt for 12 hours

Step 5

vacuuming entire house

Problems with Using Salt to Kill Fleas

There are people who think that sprinkling salt on their pet’s coat can be the easiest way to kills fleas, but it is crucial for pet parents to know that it can damage your pet’s skin. Therefore, it is absolutely not recommended. Moreover, using salt to eliminate fleas can be troublesome during hot and humid conditions as salt tends to clump. Undoubtedly, salt is the most powerful natural treatment to kill fleas in pets. But its application and cleaning process is filthy, time-consuming and harmful to your pet.

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Instead of salt, there are some highly recommended treatments that help to eliminate fleas and protect your pet. The best flea treatments include Revolution, Nexgard and Frontline Plus that works as the apt replacement for salt to kill fleas.