Why Choose Revolution For Your Dog?

When comes to treat multiple internal and external parasites, pet parents need to use various treatments for varied parasites. However, pet owners keep wondering whether there exists a single remedy that can be effective on multiple parasites as well as safe for pets.

Yes!!! There comes REVOLUTION that no doubt has a power to work on various internal and external parasites.

Revolution is a popular monthly topical treatment used to protect your dog from heartworms, intestinal worms, fleas and ticks and ear mites. It is safe for dogs aged 6 weeks and old. It is a panacea for treating internal and external parasitic infestations in dogs.

How Revolution Works?

Revolution contains active ingredient selamectin, which not only kills adult fleas but also disrupt flea life cycle. When applied on a pet’s body, it starts killing heartworm larvae and protects the pet from further heartworm infestation.

Why Does Your Pooch Needs Revolution?

Pets like to roam free and explore all their surroundings. Your dog is no different either. However, various parasites such as fleas and ticks are also part of your pet’s surroundings, making your furry pal vulnerable to these pests. At the same time, your pet can eat the feces of an infected pet and thus may infect himself with heartworm and intestinal worm.

To protect your pet from these internal and external parasites, a product such as Revolution can safeguard your pet from both fleas and ticks and heartworm.


Benefits Of Revolution

•    Protects your dog from both heartworms and flea parasites
•    Treats and control sarcoptic mange in dogs
•    Protects your dog from ear mites
•    Prevents flea allergy dermatitis
•    Monthly dose protects your pet from fleas and ticks

How To Apply Revolution On Pets?

Revolution comes in different pack sizes. Weigh your dog to choose the right revolution pack. For easy application of revolution, consider following points

– Take out the tube from the pack.– Part the fur of your dog at
the shoulder blades to spot
the visible skin
– Do not allow your dog to lick the applied area
– Hold it upright– Apply revolution on the visible skin, until the tube gets empty.– Avoid bathing him before 2 hours of application
– Press the cap of the tube-You
will hear a click sound means tube tip is broken, Now remove the cap
– Do not allow your dog to lick the applied area– Repeat the process after 1 month and
on the same date only

Revolution is a smart choice if you want to avoid different treatments for different parasitic infections. It is a single treatment for different pet problems. So go for Revolution and protect your dog from all kinds of internal and external parasites.