Celebrating Special days With Your Special Pets

Are you looking for a special day to celebrate with your pet? We have got you covered. This blog takes you through pet special days for November and December. It contains celebration days and also some special pet awareness days that puts light on pet health conditions we often neglect. Scroll below and find out more days of celebration for your special friend


Pet Diabetes Month

November is celebrated as pet diabetes month. Diabetes in pets can cause them a lot of harm and trouble for instance it doesn’t allow them to utilize insulin appropriately which prevents the conversion of energy from food. There are many more such health complications of pet diabetes. Thus it is critical to spread awareness about diabetes in pets so more diagnoses are conducted and the disease is detected earlier. As a pet parent, it is the best time of the month to get yourself educated about this subject and spread the knowledge to other pet parents. 

Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer in pets is more common than you think. Even if you think you know about cancer there is a lot more to learn, for instance, there are several types of cancer in dogs and cats, and certain types of cancer are breed and gender specific. A regular visit to a vet is the most important thing when it comes to your pet’s health and wellness.  Celebrate November by educating yourself more about the subject; learn the risk and possible treatments for cancer. Get your pet diagnosed in case of any suspicion or poor health condition and most importantly visit your vet at regular intervals.

Adopt a Senior pet Month

Everyone adores a small pup and kitty but what about the senior dogs and cats that are looking for shelter and some love? If you are willing to adopt or bring in one more pet to your family, why not consider adopting an old soul? Senior pets do deserve your love and support and November is the best time to spread the word, ask your friends and family to consider adopting senior pets. 

National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day (November 7)

November 7 is celebrated as National Lymphoma day. Lymphoma is one of the highly affecting cancers in dogs and thus it is critical to know more about the disease. With the special day let’s honor our dogs by learning about the right resources and treatment available out there. 

National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week (6 to12 November)

National Animal Shelter Day is celebrated in the whole send week of November i.e. 6 to 12 this year. The celebration is to appreciate the shelter homes that are taking care of thousands of pets. The local shelter homes not only just provide shelter to homes but also rescue and treat abandoned and homeless pets that are left on the streets with poor health conditions and nourishment. They even reunite pets with their lost families. Let’s celebrate these communities that are saving lives every day. 


National Cats Lovers’ Month

Are you a cat parent? If yes then December is a special month for you as it is celebrated as National Cats lovers’ month. Shower your love with a new toy or a treat. Cats are independent creatures. Although they are hard to tame and unpredictable pets, they are also very fun and affectionate. This is the best time to give some extra attention to your adorable pal. 

Celebrate Shelter Pets Day (1st December 2022)

1st December 2022 is Celebrate as Shelter pet day. A lot of people who adopt new pets often neglect shelter homes thinking those pets have health issues. However, that’s not completely true, shelter homes do have rescued dogs and cats but they are well taken care of. Shelter home people conduct proper treatment and also offer them the nourishment they need for a healthy life. On this special let’s appreciate this community and consider adopting shelter animals they are in the most need of your love and care.

National Cat Herders Day – (15 December 2022)

Every December 15 is celebrated as National Cat Herder’s Day. The phrase herding like cats however is not only used for a person with cats but for anyone who handles multiple tasks and life events when it is uncontrollable. The idiom “herding like a cat” got its fame through a super bowl commercial back in 2000. 

Christmas Day – (25 December 2022)

Christmas is the most awaited time of the year. The special day is when the whole family comes together and shares love and affection. Make this day special for your pet as well. But then a new toy, clothing and food like you do for your family. Another way to make Christmas special for your pet is to make them home-cooked cooks with favorable ingredients and sprinkle them with some love.

Boxing Day – (26 December 2022)

Boxing day is an extension of the Christmas celebration. It is celebrated as a family visiting family, eating leftovers, and getting rid of boxes. If you have missed any fun on Christmas with your pet this is the best time to keep up the holiday spirit with boxing day. There are plenty of ways to celebrate boxing day with your pet such as you can take them for a long walk, play fetch or hide and seek, giving them new treats, use gift boxes for cats to play and more.

New year’s Eve 31st December

New Year’s Eve is all about the party and having fun but make sure you do not neglect your pet while you are having the best time. On New Year ’s Eve, it’s important to ensure their safety. Provide them with a safe space, keep them away from decorative items that are not safe for pets, and also make sure they are not tempted by food that is good for their health.