Let’s Celebrate this Mother’s Day with our Paw-some Moms

This 14th May is going to be observed as Mother’s Day. It is celebrated to honor motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in our society. Being a pet mom is hard work; it is achieved by the bravest, most patient, and most dedicated pet moms. As we celebrate all the things our mothers do for us, this is the time to show our pet moms that the bond they share with their four-legged baby is just as special. Here are reasons why being a pet mom calls for a grand celebration on Mother’s Day :

  • Pet moms are patient. Pets can be messy, chaotic, and demanding, but being a pet mom you’ve learned to deal with everything while being calm. You can schedule your duties and give your pet belly rubs. 
  • Pet moms are understanding and have more responsibility for them, as they have to learn what their furry babies want without voicing their concerns. As pets cannot communicate using human language, it is vital to understand their body language and other non-verbal cues that pet moms expertly do. 
  • The responsibility of being a pet mom has made you a determined person, who invests their time and energy in loving and taking care of your pet.

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All these things might seem mundane, but having a furbaby to share your life with you has shaped you to be an honorable person. Know that there are many more reasons than the ones mentioned above. 

Here’s how you can celebrate your motherhood with your beloved child. 

  • Eating out is a tradition when celebrating a special day. Take your pet to a pet-friendly restaurant and enjoy a special meal together. Or you can go to a drive-through and get your pup their favorite cup of ‘puppuccino’. 
  • As Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May, you can plan a weekend with your pet. Pick a relaxing place that accommodates pets, pack all the essentials, and set out for an adventure you both will enjoy! 
  • If you don’t want to make elaborate plans, you can always take your fur-bud for a spa day or a one-day picnic at the park. Bring a basket full of things you and your baby will enjoy and take in some fresh air at a park or at a pet-friendly beach. You can even book a relaxing spa and get pampered along with your pet. 
  • A fun way to spend this day with your pet is to recreate some of your older pictures. Take a road down memory lane and recreate some amazing pictures together and compare how your pet has grown since they were a baby. 
  • If you and your pet like being indoors you can spend your day together by baking treats; some for you and some for your pet. Enjoy these baked goods while watching a movie.
  • If you’re someone who enjoys art and craft, you can make a Mother’s Day card for other pet mothers you know or for pet mums of your pet’s daycare. Coming from a pet mother, this will make them feel appreciated and loved. 

Doing Nothing 

Sometimes doing nothing is the best way you can spend your time. If you’re busy and want this time to relax, just snuggle up to your pet and spend quality time together. The idea behind this day is to enjoy, it doesn’t matter how. 

To all the pet moms reading this- Happy Mother’s Day!