Can You Use Nexgard and Frontline Plus Together?

Combining two treatments without the recommendation of the vet can land the pet owner into unnecessary trouble. Though it is ok to apply Frontline Plus even when the dog is given Nexgard, you can only try it out when the infection is heavy. However, as per our advice, Nexgard and Frontline Plus mustn’t be combined. Reason being, some dogs may suffer from an overdose of the drugs which may lead to fatal consequences.

Thus, it is generally recommended to use one flea and tick product at a time. Earlier, two drugs were suggested to kill fleas and ticks as one of the product only eliminated adult fleas but not the flea eggs and larvae. So, two products were combined to deracinate the flea population without any loopholes.

However, nowadays, with the advancement in the medical world, scientists have developed treatments that kill flea and tick population completely and prevent their recurrence in future. So, it would definitely be a better bet. If at all the infestation has gotten berserk, take a vet’s advice and provide a more effective treatment that covers a complete flea lifecycle. You can also use Capstar along with Frontline if the adult fleas have become a nuisance. But for complete protection use just Frontline Plus.

Another aspect of the situation

Normally, all dogs are fine with topical applications of the product. But, still if you find he is not ok with the application, feels greasy after use, or you have concerns if the kids will ingest the solution, you should undoubtedly choose a flea and tick tablet or a chewable like Bravecto. It isn’t messy yet effective.

Comparison Frontline plus and Nexgard Chart

Comparsion chart for frontline plus and nexgard

Other Products That Are Potent In Killing Fleas And Ticks

Advantix: This is an amazing spot-on product which is highly popular for its efficacy against fleas, ticks and the flea lifecycle. It eradicates the parasitic infestation within two days and prevents the recurrence of the parasites by disrupting their maturation cycle completely.

Seresto Collar: It is a handy gadget that can be worn around the pet’s neck and has a swift action in repelling fleas and ticks. The chemicals in the collar diffuse in the upper skin layer of the pet which when ingested by the fleas and ticks while biting the pet can kill them immediately.

Revolution: Another great product of the same order, revolution is again an incredible spot-on that kills fleas and ticks as well as their complete lifecycle. Additionally, it controls ear mite infestation and prevents heartworm disease. Being a monthly dose, you can rest assured that your pet is safe for the next 30 days.

Bravecto: This product comes in the form of a chewable and is highly palatable for dogs. The best thing about this oh-so-amazing treatment is it works for complete 3 months and provides comprehensive protection against fleas, ticks, flea eggs, and larvae. Bravecto has also been proved to improve flea allergy dermatitis in canines.

With such a gamut of products available on the market for the protection of our pets why to unnecessarily take the risk and land our dog into trouble? Isn’t it wise to rather choose an option that solves your entire pet’s requirements in a single dose? Hope you are clear headed now!