5 Reasons: Why Your Dog Needs Exercise

Who has seen an overweight dog running with his full strength? Or a fat dog swimming briskly? Of course, we haven’t, because as the body becomes fat or overweight, the physical ability to perform an exercise decreases drastically. If at all he is able to run for a short distance, he would end up panting heavily and feel short of breath. And that is the case with most of the dogs in the United States today. With all that pampering and feeding, our dogs are becoming couch potatoes and better if we realize that now before the damage is already done.

Obesity is associated with a lot of physical and mental problems which is why it is important to get our Fido moving.

What are the Reasons our Dogs Need Exercise?

To Burn off Excess Energy

It is extremely important that the calories your dog is taking from food must be burnt out completely. Elevated energy levels that pent up in dogs lead to excessive fat deposition in the body and disturb the sleeping patterns of the dog. To burn this energy he will start biting or chewing things which is destructive.

To Increase Stamina

High-intensity exercises like running and swimming are necessary for our four-legged warriors so they develop stamina and burn those extra calories. These physical exercises will also chuck boredom when incorporated in his routine. And, the dog will be able to deal with the heat in a better way.

To alleviate over burdened Joints

Obese dogs have a higher risk of developing joint diseases because the increased body weight puts high pressure on joints. This pressure causes damage to the internal ligaments and cartilage that are adhered to joints for support and smooth movement. As a result, joints become weak and aren’t good enough to support the body. Not to mention, the pain they emanate.

To Breathe Properly

As the body puts on excess weight, it first deposits the excess fat in the muscles and tissues. When this fat isn’t melted appropriately, the deposition starts in the veins and arteries causing breathing issues. In severe cases, it can even lead to blockages and heart attack in dogs. Therefore, maintaining appropriate body weight is of utmost importance.

To Face No Difficulties While Whelping

Overweight dogs face a lot of difficulty and complications in conceiving. Most of the obese dogs become less fertile. Moreover, while whelping, it becomes very hard for the obese dogs to put that extra pressure and stamina to whelp the puppy out. A healthy dog,on the other hand, faces less or no issues in the process. They retain their fertility and have enough stamina to put the required amount of pressure. So if you need your dog to increase her population, you better get her moving.

Just as exercise is good for us, so is it for our dogs. It helps them ward off boredom, and is beneficial in several physical and behavioral aspects. Thus, incorporating some daily physical activities will help your dog to stay fit and sans any health-related problems. And who doesn’t want their dog to be full of energy and positivity?