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Revolution Plus: A Revolutionary Product for Cats

Revolution Plus: The Extra Plus to Revolution for cats

The age-old saying “cats are connoisseurs of comfort” is so true. They come into our lives, fill it up with an abundance of joy and happiness, and of course, bring comfort to the heart. But despite all of these, cats are succumbing to numerous diseases and illnesses, especially fleas and ticks. As the proliferation of ailments continues to spread, it becomes more and more crucial for cat parents to take extra care of their feline friends. One of the best ways to curtail and tackle the plethora of problems associated with fleas and ticks is to opt for preventatives. And with new diseases coming into the limelight, there’s a new protector known as Revolution Plus in town that will help cats stay protected.

Known as a 6-in-1 treatment, this killer product is the one that has been highly recommended by vets all over the globe. So what is this Revolution Plus? Well, read on to find out more.

What is Revolution Plus?

Assuming that you all know what Revolution is, Revolution Plus is the advanced and upgraded version of it. It comes with added benefits and has a much wider scope. This revolutionary product for cats is effective on as many as six parasites (unlike Revolution, which is a 5-in-1 treatment).

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The six parasites are:

Note: In the case of heartworm, Revolution Plus only manages to prevent the parasite from causing any harm.

How to Apply Revolution Plus on Cats?

This is extremely easy to apply to cats. All you have to is follow these basic pointers.

Revolution Plus versus Revolution

To have a closer look at both Revolution and Revolution Plus, we have prepared a table that will help you differentiate the Zoetis manufactured products.

Revolution Plus for Cats Customer Reviews

To conclude on a high, we have handpicked a few honest customer reviews that will surely help you make a smarter choice for your feline buddies.


  1. Carl says, “Love this product! More advanced than Revolution, this solution is good for cats.”


  1. Ellie says, “Unlike Revolution, this product kills ticks very effectively.”


  1. Cathryn says, “This broad spectrum product is so good. I have been highly impressed. Arguably one of the best all round products for cats.”
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